The international SAP certification examination is an important benchmark of consultant expertise, making SAP Education a must for all functional managers and IT professionals.

We impart training at three levels across modules for Functional as well as Technical Consultants .Individual candidates or corporate nominated candidates could select from over 200 in-depth courses and additional industry standard topics. These courses could be chosen as a part of the Project Team training or End-User training. We also have a web-based training option for academy courses. On web-based training we have special offer for partnering Universities and Management Institutions.

SAP is a global company that specializes in enterprise Business software, from customer relationship management, to enterprise resource planning, supplier relationship management, and much more. SAP began in Waldorf, Germany in 1972, headed up by five former IBM engineers who wanted to provide standardized software to integrate business processes. It was a good idea then, and it's still a good idea now. Today, SAP has more than 253,500+ customers . SAP manages a large certification program to ensure outstanding product and client support, and to narrow the IT skills gap.


SAP Certification Program Overview

SAP offers over 200 certifications, each for a specific SAP product, which fall into one of three major categories: application, technology and development. From there you select a specific certification based on a SAP product, either at the associate or professional level.

  • Associate certifications -- are designed for people who are new to SAP solutions; they learned about SAP technologies from manuals or in training courses.
  • Professional certifications -- recognize individuals with deep knowledge of SAP solutions and hands-on experience. 
  • Specialist certifications -- this third certification level is new to the SAP cert program and is just gaining traction as of this writing.

No SAP certifications require prerequisite skills, training or other certifications. In addition, SAP certifications do not require recertification. However, to ensure skills are up to date, SAP monitors your credentials and notifies you when one or more of your credentials are outdated. 

SAP Certification Exams

Both associate- and professional-level exams consist of 80 multiple-choice questions and take up to 3 hours to complete. Associate exams cost $500 USD, and professional exams cost $750 USD. Specialty certification exams pose half that number of questions (40) and must be completed within 90 minutes. The cost of a specialty certification exam is unavailable, but is likely somewhere around $250. You can purchase an exam voucher through the SAP, and then take the exam at a SAP Test  Center or through Pearson VUE.

You can contact us and our Tech Support will help you with the process.

SAP Certification Training and Resources

We offer  instructor-led Online training at your prefer location around the world, which is taught by SAP experts and includes access to live SAP systems for immersive learning.

We offer training to help you learn about specific SAP solution areas and to prepare you for certification exams.

Finally, We provides sample questions, which were actual questions on previous live exams, for most cert exams. You can Contact us for more information on SAP Certification.