SAP GURU Inc., professional consulting services provides business values for our customers through technology transformation that increases competitive advantage, customer loyalty, and improved business performance. It is known fact that the most successful companies concentrates on its core business competency and leave other tasks to those with specific expertise. Let the specialists at SAP GURU provide your company with the opportunity to concentrate on your competencies.

SAP GURU Inc., partners with clients to ensure that the unique objectives and deliverables required for each individual project are fully addressed. Our team of experienced consultants represents not only several of the best management institutions across the globe, but also managers and entrepreneurs from a wide range of professional backgrounds.

SAP GURU Inc. has expertise in combining proven analytical methodologies with an extensive knowledge-base of domestic and global market dynamics.

Professional Staffing
SAP GURU is focused every day on finding the right person for the right job to support you (client) – wherever located and when ever wanted. With abundance of experience, we can support you in the development of your human capital.

Our Clients are our partners: we act together to solve your immediate and long-term business goals. We listen to your unique situation and then we work to locate the people who have the skills and experience they require for success of the project.

We design and provide special training and assessment, In-house Training like SAP training or any other special skills to the people we select as and when required. At SAP GURU we are passionate about the people we work with – let us partner with you to find the right people to grow your business.

SAP GURU provides professional staffing services in the following ways.

Contract/Consulting offers you “talent on demand” – the flexibility to add or remove resources as your business environment fluctuates. WE provide qualified talent with the tangible skills you need, for as long as you need them.

Contract-to-Hire is available to accommodate our client’s changing business needs. WE will work with our clients to provide solutions to hire our consultants for full time roles within the organization.

Direct Hire utilizes dedicated representatives specifically trained to identify the most desirable candidates to fill your employment needs. We verify that their experience, skills and career objectives meet the goals of your business environment, and send you only the candidates where there is a potential fit.

We make available a wide variety of technical talent pool – ranging from Project Managers to Programmer Analysts in areas of ERP especially SAP.